7 reasons you need a Genesis Character NFT to dominate the Last Remains arena

Get a lifetime battle pass, free equipment skins, early access, exclusive Last Remains rewards and more.

7 reasons you need a Genesis Character NFT to dominate the Last Remains arena

For 3 days only in April, 8,888 Last Remains Character NFTs were minted. The third and final mint event sold out in just 10 minutes!

If you weren’t able to get your hands on one, you’re in luck: the Genesis Character NFT sale is just around the corner.

And trust us, you do not want to miss out on this one.

Why you want to own a Genesis Character NFT

1.Own a piece of an ultra-limited collection

Genesis Characters are called “Genesis” for a reason.

Genesis Characters are extremely rare, with a lifetime supply of 10,000. When this supply sells out, there will never be a Genesis Character NFT sale again. It’s now, or never.

Of the 10,000, the Earn Alliance team will mint a supply of 500, which can only be won during special events in the future!

2. Early access to Last Remains in June 2023

Season 0 of Last Remains is slated to launch to the public in December 2023. Owners of NFTs – both Character NFTs and Genesis Character NFTs – will be granted early access to the game starting in June 2023. You know what they say: early birds get the worm. Or in this case…zombie.

If you didn’t get a chance to mint a Character NFT, here’s your opportunity to get early access to one of the most anticipated AAA games in 2023.

3. Get a lifetime battle pass

While Character NFTs have a gameplay limit of 60 days, Genesis Character NFTs are lifetime battle passes with no gameplay limit. As an owner of a Genesis Character, you can play with the same character for an unlimited amount of time.

Thought an annual pass to Disneyland was great? Think again. This is a lifetime pass to the arena to find and extract unlimited equipment NFT skins, which can be used in game or transferred to the blockchain. Additionally, Genesis Character NFTs will be able to participate in every Last Remains season and access all seasons' battle pass rewards.

4. Get 8 free equipment skin NFTs

Purchasing a Genesis Character during this paid mint event grants the buyer (note: not all future holders) a guaranteed whitelist of 8 random free equipment NFTs, which will launch in June 2023.

Equipment NFTs can be transferred and sold on the marketplace. Which brings us to the next point…

5. Access to Stake, Search and Rescue game

With 8 equipment skins under your belt, you’re automatically guaranteed access to the Stake, Search and Rescue on-chain game to compete and loot equipment!

The game requires players to stake a minimum of 1 character and 3 equipment skins. Read more about the game here.

6. Rare airdrop for whitelisted buyers

All whitelisted buyers who purchase a Genesis Character NFT during the whitelist mint event on May 15 will also receive a special airdrop for a rare weapon skin in June 2023.

This is the first weapon skin to be designed and will be revealed in May 2023.

7. Win from a Genesis-only monthly prize pool

During the early access game tests, there will be a dedicated monthly genesis leaderboard where all game tests who play during the testing period will compete for the highest Search Points (SP). SP is earned when finding valuable loot such as equipment skin blueprints and jewelry.

The rarer the loot, the higher the SP is valued. If you are 1 of 3 survivors to escape in the extraction point at the end of the game, your score will be recorded on the leaderboard and summed up at the end of the testing period. Top players will win USDC and ultra-rare equipment skins.

Mark your calendars for May 15 & 16

Mark the calendar. Set the alarm. Drop the note. Tell your family. Tell your friends.

Whitelist Event

Get on the whitelist to purchase 1 Genesis Character NFT and get 8 free equipment NFTs, plus 1 rare weapon NFT airdrop in June

Starts: May 15, 14:00 UTC

Ends: May 16, 14:00 UTC

Supply: 1,500

Price: From 80 MATIC or US$80

Public Event

Purchase 1 Genesis Character NFT and get 8 free equipment NFTs

Starts: May 16, 14:00 UTC

Ends: May 21, 14:00 UTC

Supply: 3,500

Price: From 80 MATIC or US$80

Mint your Genesis Character NFT with crypto or credit card

No MATIC? No problem.

Whether you’re minting with crypto or credit card, we’re making it easy for you.

The NFTs are on Polygon. Purchase your Genesis Character with Metamask or credit card on Earn Alliance’s Rocket Launcher.

If there is an event in Last Remains history you don’t want to miss out on, it’s this one. The countdown is on. See you there.

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