Character Reveal (S Grade)

These S Grade characters may just be the key to surviving Last Remains.

S Grade Characters
S Grade Characters

In the world of Last Remains, surviving a zombie apocalypse is no easy feat. Your character's skills and abilities can make all the difference between life and death. And if you want to come out on top, an S Grade character may just be what you need. An S grade character is the highest level of character that you can obtain in Last Remains. These characters have the best skills, the most powerful weapons, and the highest chance of survival.

  1. Hugo

Race: European

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Profession: Special forces

Specialty: Weapon Mastery Grade A, HP Grade C, Endurance Grade B

Background Story: Hugo was once a member of the Special Forces, a highly trained soldier who could endure any obstacles. He had served in multiple missions and received countless medals of honor for his bravery and heroism. During a special mission, Hugo was captured and taken prisoner by the terrorists. He was tortured for months, and every day was a living nightmare. One day, Hugo saw an opportunity to escape. He fought off his guards and ran for his life. But the scars of his ordeal remained with him, both physically and emotionally.

2. Sue

Race: Asian

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Profession: Doctor

Specialty: Heal Potency Grade B, Health Starter Kit Grade A

Background Story: Sue always knew that she wanted to become a doctor. She was fascinated by the human body and how it worked, and she wanted to help people who were sick or injured. However, her family could not afford to send her to medical school, and they believed that her dreams were too big for a girl from a small village. Sue was determined to pursue her dream. She worked hard in school and earned a scholarship to attend medical school.

3. November

Race: Japanese

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Profession: Assassin

Specialty: Weapon Mastery Grade B, Stealth Grade B, Melee Starter Kit Grade C

Background Story: November was an assassin who was renowned for her skill and precision. She was known to be the most lethal and dangerous assassin in the game. She was a mystery, and nobody knew anything about her past, her real name, or even her face. All they knew was that she was known as November, and she always got the job done. November was ruthless and did not care about the consequences of her actions. She only cared about the money, and she would do whatever it took to get it.

4. Roland

Race: ​​Iceland

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Profession: Survival Specialist

Specialty: HP Grade B, Hunger Resist Grade B, Thirst Resist Grade B, Sense Item Radius Grade C

Background Story: Roland grew up as an orphan and had a very troubled childhood, when he was 7, he escaped a small orphanage in Reykjavik to become independent. He was reported missing several times but was never found by the police or social services. Even though he always had trouble reading and writing, Roland found his place on earth guiding tourists around the golden ring. As a teenager, he wanted to discover the world and managed to travel the world through the arctic circle a task that few men have achieved especially without resources.

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Last Remains is a challenging and intense web3 zombie battle royale game that requires skill, strategy, and a bit of luck to succeed. Having an S Grade character with the highest level of skills and abilities will allow you to take on even the toughest challenges and survive the most dangerous situations.

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