Equipment List Reveal (A Grade)

A list of equipment and its attributes available for A Grade characters in Last Remains.

Equipment List Reveal (A Grade)

In the haunting backdrop of Last Remains, where undead threats lurk at every corner, wit and resourcefulness become a survivor's best allies. Our A Grade characters, distinguished by their sharp instincts and knowledge, aren't just relying on their skills alone. They arm themselves with specialized equipment, each given with unique attributes, ensuring they don’t just survive, but truly succeed, turning the odds in their favor.

As you progress through the game, you'll discover and utilize a variety of equipment, including masks, shirts, pants, gloves, backpacks, and more. Each character can carry two weapons, one throwable item, and eight slots for equipment.

But here's the twist: all equipment possesses unique attributes. They each carry positive (+) and negative (-) attributes, randomly generated for each character.

For instance, not all jackets designed for your character will boost the character's maximum endurance, and some may even impact long-range weapon accuracy. Also, higher-ranked characters boast superior attributes, enhancing their chances of survival.

Shall we delve into the equipment associated with each character?


  1. Durable utility backpack
  2. Survival sunglasses
  3. Tactical jacket
  4. Tactical pants
  5. Waterproof t-shirt
  6. Tactical boots


  1. Trendy yellow gym bag
  2. Trendy sports cap
  3. Cyber sports jacket
  4. Athlete pants with leg protection
  5. Athlete pro sleeveless top
  6. Athlete pro sneakers
  7. Athlete pro wrist watch


  1. Light military backpack
  2. Police hat
  3. Police leather gloves
  4. Police jacket
  5. Police pants
  6. Turtle neck warmer
  7. Durable police shoes


  1. Designer multi-purpose backpack
  2. Outdoor medical winter jacket
  3. Nurse pants
  4. Nurse tunic
  5. Medical safety shoes


  1. Bad Bat leather backpack
  2. Bad Kitten headphone
  3. Bad Girl checkered jacket
  4. Bad Girl checkered skirt
  5. Bad Girl school shirt
  6. Bad Girl leather boots


  1. Parkour sports bag
  2. Parkour sports jacket
  3. Parkour sports pants
  4. Parkour sports hoodie
  5. Parkour sports shoes


  1. Ranch leather bag
  2. Ranch cowboy hat
  3. Rancher gloves
  4. Hauser Jacket
  5. Cowboy chaps
  6. Rancher shirt
  7. Cowboy boots

Stay tuned, as we'll soon delve deeper, unveiling equipment lists for characters across all Grades. Every character in Last Remains has a unique set of equipment, and we're eager to share them all with you.

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