Equipment List Reveal (C Grade)

A list of equipment and its attributes available for C Grade characters in Last Remains.

Equipment List Reveal (C Grade)

We're thrilled to unveil the equipment list for C Grade characters in Last Remains, the true dark horses who are determined to rise to the top, no matter the odds.

Much like their counterparts in other Grades, C Grade characters navigate through the game encountering an extensive array of gear to assist them in their combat scenarios. Whether it's shirts pants, gloves, backpacks, or even more, the options are plentiful. 

Each character has the ability to arm themselves with two firearms, a single throwable object, and up to eight miscellaneous gear slots.

But here’s the intriguing part: every single piece of gear in Last Remains comes with its own set of unique qualities. These attributes can be positive (+) or negative (-), and they are randomly generated for each character. For instance, certain headgear might improve your proficiency with long-distance weapons, while others might boost a C Grade character’s likelihood of discovering superior gear or firearms. Fascinating, isn't it?

Now, let’s delve deeper into the variety of equipment that these adept survivors can utilize:

Seo Yun

  • Karate foot gear
  • Karate kimono
  • Blue sports bag
  • Karate zubon
  • Red sports top
  • Karate gloves


  •  Vintage striped shirt
  • Vintage XXL khaki jacket
  • Vintage XXL khaki shorts
  • LA baseball cap
  • Vintage sneaker with long socks
  • Functional leather backpack

 Queen P

  • Stylish black tank top
  • Retro Hip Hop pants
  • Leather sci-fi jacket
  • Classic designer sneaker
  • Mesh stylish backpack


  • Designer suit pants
  • Heist bag
  • Designer suit jacket
  • Designer patterned white shirt
  • Classic dress shoes


  • Regular black polo shirt
  • Black utility backpack
  • Durable utility glove
  • Security pants
  • Security cap
  • Security jacket
  • Security boots


  • Vintage brown leather jacket
  • Gray flat cap
  • Stylish striped dress shirt
  • Traveler cargo pants
  • Safety shoes
  • Chef backpack

Keep an eye out! We're gearing up to reveal comprehensive equipment lists for characters for S Grade.  Every character in Last Remains has a unique set of equipment, and we're eager to share them all with you. 

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