Equipment List Reveal (D Grade)

Equipment List Reveal (D Grade)

We're delighted to present the D Grade characters in Last Remains, who, although not the most formidable or adept, each bring a unique edge to the battle for survival.

Similar to higher-grade characters, those in D Grade have the opportunity to encounter a broad selection of gear as they make their way through the game. From headgear and tops to trousers, gloves, and bags, the inventory options are abundant.

Every character can equip themselves with two weapons, a single item to throw, and space for up to eight different pieces of equipment. Here’s where it becomes captivating: each equipment item in Last Remains has its own individual attributes. These attributes can be positive (+) or negative (-), and they are randomly generated for each character. For instance, a particular piece of headgear might heighten your ability to shoot accurately at a distance, whereas another could increase a D Grade character's chances of stumbling upon higher-quality weapons or gear. Intriguing, wouldn't you agree?

Let's now explore in detail the range of equipment that these resourceful underdogs can access:


  • Construction glove
  • Construction jacket
  • Simple white t-shirt
  • Work boots
  • Construction pants
  • Construction backpack
  • Construction hard hat


  • Classic canvas shoes
  • Dark navy pants
  • Short sleeve blue shirt
  • Black leather backpack
  • Blue plaid shirt


  • Pink capri pants
  • Stylish purple top
  • Brown leather loafer
  • Stylish white blazer
  • Trendy brown leather backpack


  • Tight-fitted gray tshirt
  • Vintage military jacket
  • Vintage patched backpack
  • Jeans short with ripped stocking
  • Vintage leather boots


  • Trucker boots
  • Wash traveler jeans
  • Brown company t-shirt
  • Green canvas backpack
  • Trucker jacket
  • Yellow cap

Keep an eye out! We're gearing up to reveal comprehensive equipment lists for characters for S Grade.  Every character in Last Remains has a unique set of equipment, and we're eager to share them all with you. 

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