Introducing Last Remains – What is a Character NFT?

Everything you need to know about this stealth zombie battle royale, plus free character NFTs whitelists.

Introducing Last Remains – What is a Character NFT?

Today, we would like to introduce our very own web3 game: Last Remains. Earn Alliance is working with a China-based game studio to develop the best and most anticipated web3 game that you can look forward to in 2023.

Don’t want to miss out on the fun? Fear not, we will keep you in check. Like literally…because Last Remains is a stealth zombie battle royale!

Appearance of a Zombie

Project Last Remains

Imagine waking up in your apartment one morning, realising the whole city’s population has turned into flesh-eating zombies for reasons unknown. You must survive, search for resources, and finally compete with other survivors in search of rescue.

  • Game Environment

The first map will be in the city of Chongqing, China. Players will run around the world without transportation, and endurance will be severely constrained. Surely, the world is invested in zombies!

Surrounding Environment

  • Characters

Characters in the game have no advancement (no leveling). Characters are assigned a "grade" to indicate their rarity. They also have slight stat changes and come with a variety of professions such as a doctor, soldier, creeper, and more. Each character will have a profession that may or may not have a special ability.

When the game is launched, Character NFTs are expected to be mintable with random variance of rarity on chain at around US$30 and pegged to USD value. Think of it like buying a pokemon card pack and not knowing what you’ll get.

Character's POV
Character's POV

  • Escape through stealth

Zombies are everywhere, and they are fast and strong. Outrun them is not a go-to strategy. Zombies can’t see well, but they hear your every step. Sneaking is your best option. Out-smart the zombies by using your environment. Push them off ledges or staircases, using household items to kill them stealthily.

  • Equipment and weapons

Throughout the game, you will be able to pick up and utilize numerous pieces of equipment and weapons such as rifles, hunting bows, gloves, backpacks, and more. Each character can hold two weapons, one throwable weapon, and eight inventory slots for general storage.



How to win the game?

To win the game, you must be one of the first three survivors to reach the helicopter. As the player progresses towards the rescue point, they will be able to take risks by entering several buildings in quest of water, food, equipment, weapons, and most importantly, skins! Skins are optionally mintable cosmetic NFTs with a single in-game advantage and disadvantage that may be strategically equipped. Players can choose to use skins they find or bring and export them to Last Remain’s web3 marketplace to trade in an open economy.

Pro Tip: It is entirely up to you to decide whether to stay longer in an area to search for more loot or to flee to the helicopter rescue pickup location immediately! But you must be the first of 3 to reach the pickup location to escape and keep your loot!

Structure of the Buildings

Innovative Tokenomics

  • $ZT Zombie Token: Simple utility token used for upgrades, exclusive esports competitions, and marketplace discounts. We do not aim to create a traditional DAO structure.
  • Revenue Structure: 50% of all revenue that Last Remains make will be redistributed as esports rewards. For example, if Last Remains makes US$500,000 in marketplace transaction fee revenue in Jan 2024, 50% of that revenue (US$250,000) between Feb 2024 - Feb 2025, will be winnable by competing and ranking the highest.

3 types of character NFTs:

1. Free to Play mode :

  • Do not require a wallet, simply sign up and play!
  • You are not limited to the equipment skin (NFT) you can collect per day. If you find more, you can carry them along.
  • However, all skins collected are soul-bound, which means they cannot be transferred or sold on marketplaces.

2. Character NFTs (flat US$30 purchase per character post-launch)

  • 60-day gameplay limit
  • No limit to the number of equipment skins (NFT) you can take when you are rescued
  • Unlimited equipment skin mints
  • All skins collected are not soul-bound, which means they can be transferred or sold on marketplaces.

3. Genesis Character NFTs (10K supply, extremely exclusive):

  • Lifetime pass with no gameplay limit
  • Unlimited equipment skin mints
  • All skins collected are not soul-bound, which means they can be transferred or sold on marketplaces.

What is a character NFT?

Once the game is live, players can select a number of No Grade characters which allows them to play for free in the game. These characters do not require the creation of a wallet. When playing with No Grade characters, players can loot one skin per day which can be minted, for free, into the web3 economy if they so choose. These skins can be clothing or equipment found from various sources on the map. Usually in closets, cabinets, etc. Each item is assigned a rarity from common to ultra-rare. They provide a minor boost to your attributes when equipped prior to entering the match.

Secondly, between April to December 2023, the team will release NFTs for the community to the mint for free before the game’s launch.

Throughout the world of Last Remains, there are also loot boxes where players pick up items to be used to lead them to victory. During that journey, you may find a Skin that can be used for your future game sessions or minted into the marketplace.

Get Whitelisted for character NFT

Now is your chance to acquire a Last remains character NFT! Earn Alliance is excited to commence the first round of whitelist badge minting in January with a total of 2000 whitelist badges (0.8% of the pre-launch supply). We will be giving very limited whitelist spots to our partners and our own community!

Character (Male)

Character (Female)

What are the benefits of owning a Last Remains NFT?

Last Remains has a team of 30+ developers and already has a playable multiplayer world. In December, we invited a select number of influencers to see the game and have collected over 20,000,000+ subscribers amongst 17 influencers to help show Last Remains to the world in Q1 2023. The team plans to not let everyone wait too long to receive a FUN utility for owning a Last Remains NFT. The following benefits should be expected:

  • April 2023: Character and Genesis Mint
  • May 2023: Equipment and Genesis Mint
  • June 2023: Monthly Closed Alpha Game Tests for all Character NFT holders. Search and Rescue on chain gamified staking game using Characters + Equipment skins.
  • Q3 2023: Fortnightly Closed Beta Tests for all Character NFT holders
  • Q4 2023+: Continued closed beta testing. Launch Last Remains Season 1  (Mintable NFT Rewards).

    Follow Last remains’ Discord and Twitter. The WL campaign will be announced on our community channels. Get yourself onto the exclusive list and prepare to grab your free NFT now. May the force be with you!