Last Remains Character NFTs: The Ultimate Weapon Against the Undead!

Survive the zombie apocalypse with Last Remains Character NFTs.

Last Remains Character NFTs: The Ultimate Weapon Against the Undead!

Are you ready for the ultimate battle against the undead? Here’s your chance to own Last Remains Character NFTs, which you’ll need to survive and thrive in a zombie-infested world. But why are these Character NFTs so important, and what are your odds of getting the rarest characters? Let's dive in.

Stake, search and rescue

Owning a Last Remains Character NFT is crucial because it allows you to participate in the Stake, Search, and Rescue game. By staking your characters, you can earn tokens, equipment NFTs, and jewelry, giving you a significant advantage when facing hordes of zombies. Stake, Search and Rescue require a minimum of 3 equipment NFTs and 1 Character in order to participate. You can stake a maximum of 8 equipment per character, even combining up to 3 characters to form a team of 27 NFTs ( 8 * 3 equipment + 3 characters), increasing your chances of receiving better rewards!

Higher chances to get rare NFTs

Your chances of getting rare characters are highest before the game launches. There are five different grades of characters – D, C, B, A, and S, with the rarest ones having better stats and skills.

Out of the five grades, S is the rarest, making it the most coveted among players. By owning an S Grade Character NFT, you can ensure your survival against even the toughest zombies.

But remember, there are always various opportunities that you can utilize to improve your chance of receiving higher grade characters.

Early access to pre-tests

With a Character NFT, you can get early access to pre-test the game in June 2023 and practice your skills with all the characters. Participate in sessions and provide invaluable feedback to the game team, helping to shape the game experience. Plus, you can participate in the pre-launch tournament and win from large prize pools, with 50% of the revenue distributed to the community during the tournament.

And let's not forget about the exclusive airdrops for early NFT holders, including $ZToken and other fantastic rewards. By owning a Last Remains Character NFT, you'll be part of a thriving community of players and enthusiasts, sharing strategies, tips, and stories of survival.

Upcoming character NFT mint and zombie whitelist

With only 8,888 Character NFTs available, you’ll have to act fast to grab one. These character NFTs typically cost a pretty penny, around US$30. But with this opportunity, you can mint one for absolutely free. Head to Earn Alliance between April 20 to 27!

Mint events:

  1. April 20: Guaranteed mints for Last Remains Whitelist Badge holders
  2. April 24: Open mint for those on the Zombie Whitelist, on a first-come, first-served basis
  3. April 27: Open mint for public (very limited in supply), on a first-come, first-served basis

Get your Character NFTs!

With a chance to participate in the Stake, Search, and Rescue game, get early access to pre-test the game, win big prize pools, and get exclusive airdrops, owning a Last Remains Character NFT is your first strategic move in Last Remains,

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