Last Remains Characters 101

Everything you need to know about in-game characters, skins, and staking.

Last Remains Characters 101

In Last Remains, surviving the zombie apocalypse takes a little (or a lot) more than luck.

Below, we introduce differences between characters and how to use them in the game, or better yet, how to use them to your advantage.


There are 3 character types a user can use to play Last Remains.

Free-to-play (F2P) Characters:

  • Wallet required: No
  • Estimated cost: Free
  • Gameplay limit: Infinite
  • Skins as on-chains assets: No

There will be a select number of ungraded characters available for anyone to play with for free.

Free-to-play characters can be treated like those in traditional computer games. Anyone can play with these characters; they do not need to be minted and you are not required to have a wallet.

The limitation of free-to-play characters is that all equipment skins found in the game are soul-bound, which means that they cannot be transferred to the blockchain or sold on marketplaces.

You will be able to collect an unlimited number of skins. However,  it is only possible for skins to be potentially transferred to the blockchain if you are inclined to pay a fee.

Character NFTs:

  • Wallet required: Optional
  • Supply: Infinite
  • Estimated cost: Loot boxes cost US$30 starting in Season 1
  • Gameplay limit: 60 days
  • Skins as on-chain-assets: Yes

Character NFTs can be minted on the blockchain, and hence can be bought and sold on the marketplace. They are not soul-bound.

They act as battle passes that have a 60-day game limit. During this time, players can mint an unlimited amount of equipment NFTs (found in game) and transfer them onto the blockchain.

After 60 days, the character will no longer be usable in the game but can still be used in the staking game (read more below).

These characters will have an infinite supply. When the game is launched, they can be purchased on demand via character loot boxes via crypto or credit card.  

Before the game launches, Character NFTs will be given out to the community in 2023 – which is why you’ll want to stay on top of the airdrops!

Genesis Character NFTs

  • Wallet required: Yes
  • Supply: 10K
  • Estimated Cost: 0.3 ETH
  • Gameplay limit: Lifetime pass; no limit
  • Skins as on-chain-assets: Yes

Genesis Characters have the same benefits as Character NFTs, but they act as lifetime battle passes; they do not have a 60-day time limit. These characters are not soul-bound and hence can be transferred or sold on marketplaces.

Genesis Character NFTs are extremely rare, with a lifetime supply of 10K. They can only be purchased during special events.


Each character will have a profession that may or may not have a special ability.

On launch, the game will have 30 characters and professions. Professions are not random and will be assigned to a specific character which will have a rarity store based on a C, B, A, and S grading system.

Here are some examples of professions we are exploring:


Skins can be sold and traded on the marketplace. Skins also follow the C, B, A, and S grading systems, and certain skins can only be collected through a unique method.

For example, the best backpack may be achievable through the Stake, Search and Rescue game and the best sword skin can only be found by finding it in the downloadable game’s battle royale mode.

All games played, including the Stake, Search and Rescue game, with skins attached will cost some value of durability. Once the durability is used up, skins are broken into shards that have various utilities.

Durability is expected to be balanced over time, but you can expect higher grade skins to have much higher durability.

Skins have plans to be upgraded. However, the upgrade system is a highly experimental concept that is likely to change.

D Grade

  • Have some stats about 1% higher than the original attached equipment or weapon to provide a small advantage.

C Grade

  • Have some stats about 2% higher than D Grade to provide a small advantage.

B Grade

  • Have some stats 5% higher advantage than D Grade

A Grade

  • Have some stats 7% higher advantage than D Grade  

S Grade

  • Have some stats 10% higher advantage than D Grade

Obtaining skins
There are 2 types of loot boxes available for purchase:

  1. Normal loot boxes

Normal boxes can be purchased with cash, crypto, or shards. All skins that are no longer usable (when they’ve run out of durability) may turn into shards and can be collected to purchase a normal loot box. Normal loot boxes will contain rewards that are at least C Grade or higher.

2. Premium loot boxes

Premium loot boxes can be purchased with cash and shards OR crypto and shards. Premium loot boxes will contain rewards that are B Grade or higher.

Stake, Search, and Rescue (Gamified Staking)

Those that participate in the Stake, Search and Rescue game may win skin and shard rewards. This will act as an alternative to traditional staking and seed the initial supply of the marketplace before the game launches.

No one will be able to simply stake a token for rewards.

The game will be a mix of auto-chess and idle games where you stake a minimum of 1 Character NFT and 3 skins to participate and involve building the right combination of characters and equipment skins to improve your chances at winning the staking rewards.

And that’s our introduction to our Last Remains character types!

As we inch closer to Last Remains’ launch, we are more than excited to have all of you discover your very own Last Remains characters.

In the meantime, follow Last Remains’ Discord and Twitter for the latest updates!