The Genesis Character Mint is Here.

And it's not here to stay.

The Genesis Character mint will happen this week in 2 phases:

  1. Whitelist Mint: Our special partners, friends, free Character NFT holders and BIG supporters on May 15, 14:00 UTC – May 16, 14:00 UTC
  2. Public Mint: The open mint for the world on May 16, 14:00 UTC – May 21, 14:00 UTC

Minters will be able to purchase up to 100 Genesis Characters, 1 at a time, on Earn Alliance’s Rocket Launcher. Most importantly, you can use a credit card or Metamask!

Simply sign up and plug in the wallet you’re interested in receiving the NFT on, and go – no social connection required. We highly recommend signing up and connecting your Metamask wallet prior to the start of the mint so you can simply hit the button when the event starts.

What can I get?

The Genesis Character gives you a lifetime pass to play all seasons, giving you a leg up compared to normal Character NFTs, which have a 60-day play limit. If you don’t have a Character NFT active (Genesis or otherwise), all the loot you find in the game is soul-bound and cannot be brought out to the free economy onto the blockchain.

We are introducing Genesis Character “Mint Packs,” which allows users to purchase additional special goodies aside from a bonus perk for those who mint during the whitelist event.

Whitelist Mint Special Perk

Those who purchase during the whitelist mint event will get a Katana skin airdrop.

While not a Genesis equipment NFT, it is one of the first epic skins that can be used in both Stake, Search and Rescue (SSR) and the Last Remains game. We’d recommend saving it for the game itself!

The Standard Pack

In the bull market, you usually pay 0.5 ETH for 1 NFT. Here, in the bear market, you get MOAR. Priced at 80 $MATIC, you get:

  • Random C grade or higher Genesis Character NFT
  • The minter is guaranteed a whitelist to 8 free random equipment NFTs

The Standard Pack will likely secure your spot in the on-chain SSR game coming out in Q3 2023. Staking requires 3 different types of equipment NFTs (i.e. shirt, bag and shoes). So if you mint 8 pairs of boots (unlucky!), you’ll need to trade 2 for different equipment types to meet the staking requirements.

The Pro Pack

This is where things get interesting. With 120 $MATIC, you get:

  • Random C grade or higher Genesis Character NFT
  • The minter is guaranteed a whitelist for 8 free random Genesis equipment NFTs

Yes, you read that right. You’re getting 8 Genesis equipment with this pack. Genesis equipment differs from normal equipment in that they have unlimited durability. Purchasing the Pro Pack guarantees Genesis equipment, so you don't have to queue up and pray for one later.

These equipment NFTs are slated to go for a base value of $15 USD in July’s mint. You’re getting 8 of them at $5 bucks a pop, giving you a 66% discount, on top of not having to worry about grabbing them on a secondary market or trying to get whitelisted in the future.

The Elite Pack

If you thought that was great, you might be thinking: how could the Elite Pack sitting at 300 $MATIC be better?

The Elite Pack is designed for our biggest supporters, with the ultimate way of controlling the future of your Last Remains Genesis equipment. How?

  • Guaranteed whitelist for 8 free random Genesis equipment NFTs
  • Random C grade or higher Genesis Character NFT
  • Genesis Katana weapon skin airdrop
  • Perfect Genesis Equipment Mint Ticket NFT airdrop to the minter
  • Access to our Genesis Equipment Mint Ticket Holders Discord Channel (future perks)

Firstly, while our early whitelist users will receive a Katana weapon skin airdrop. Buyers of the Elite Pack will get a Genesis version of it. And we assure you, it is a beauty!

Now… What is a Perfect Genesis Equipment Mint Ticket? It’s a mouthful. Well, if you haven’t noticed, equipment NFTs are all random. You don’t know what you’re going to get.


This ticket changes that. If you want to look like the full concepts of whatever Character you own, whether it’s an Assassin, Chef or Fireman, you can burn a mint ticket to acquire 8 Genesis equipment made for any character you own! This means you will choose the character you want to use the ticket on, and it will generate 8 Genesis equipment NFTs themed to that character.

This is important for 3 unique reasons:

  1. Having a perfect equipment set – i.e. the complete fireman outfit on the fireman – is the meta for pre-season 0 Stake, Search and Rescue. It will produce the most optimal rewards for that character, but you still need to combine it with the best team!
  2. You can watch the Genesis equipment economy and wait to be the last to mint. This ticket is going to be in HOT demand in the future, and you may choose to be the only person to produce Genesis equipment for the assassin November… making it potentially a one-of-a-kind in the future!
  3. We take a time machine and look forward to the future… You’re still holding your Equipment Mint Ticket. The SSS-grade characters are revealed and extremely hard to acquire. You get the rare character and burn a ticket with it! You’ve just minted a Genesis SSS-grade equipment set! Angels sing your name and the earth stops spinning for .01 seconds…

This ticket is going to be one of the many “games within a game” that the Last Remains ecosystem provides. The Elite Pack is made for the people who are looking to really stick around and win with the community in the long run, or otherwise known as: Last Remain’s truest believers.

Why is Genesis equipment important?

The equipment and weapon NFTs of Last Remains are designed for long-term sustainability. We have introduced durability points to ensure that the economy is not flooded with millions of the same items that outlive us all.

Normal equipment and weapon NFTs will break sometime between 100 - 1000 hours of gameplay, which will change over time to balance the economy. Durability points will only deplete when you play the game and will not break while sitting in your wallet.

When they break, you will get Shards, which can be used to upgrade equipment and weapon NFTs and reset their durability points back to 100% full. But to upgrade anything in Last Remains, there’s only a 70% chance of success!

Shards also can be used with equipment loot boxes. Think of this as your buy-10-get-1-free card at your favorite coffee shop. When you have used enough equipment, you can trade the shards on the blockchain or use them to buy another random equipment or weapon NFT!

Minter vs Holder Perks

Genesis Character minter vs holder benefits were slightly miscommunicated during our Twitter Space held on May 15, 2023 (apologies!). At the time of writing, only 1 sale has happened on the secondary market. To clarify:

Whitelist and airdrop perks are going to the minter. All purchased pack benefits are tracked by the original minter’s wallet. All secondary sale holders will not get any whitelist opportunities, airdrops, or perks related to the purchase.

Perfect Genesis Equipment Mint Ticket NFT benefits go to the holder of the ticket. This includes validating that you are holding the ticket to get access to the private channel in Discord.

Now, ready to get yourself a Genesis?